Dear [subscriber:firstname | default:subscriber],

You will very shortly be receiving a notification of a new blog post at Inconstant Gardener. Before sending that notification, I wanted to alert you of a problem you may encounter if you are using the Norton LifeLock Internet security package. For some unfathomable reason, Norton's automated (i.e., inhuman) classification system suddenly decided that my blog was a "dangerous website." Norton users trying to access any pages on my site may get an alarming red warning page telling them it's dangerous and strongly advising against continuing; it does, however, allow the user to click through anyway to get to the site.

My attempt to appeal that classification yielded only automated responses and a "report" that was anything but.

I'd like you to know that I take Internet security very seriously. That includes paying quite a bit for security services from my web host, GoDaddy; constantly updating the WordPress software that operates the site and the "theme" that furnishes the basic design; promptly updating all the plugins that provide the bells and whistles WordPress doesn't include; filtering replies and comments to prevent spammers from posting malicious links or codes; and monitoring a WordPress security blog from WordFence, which points to any potential security problems that WordPress users might encounter.

Therefore I found it hard to believe there could be anything dangerous on the site. But I checked the site through a couple of online scanning sites, which returned a clean bill of health for the site, and also found no reservations about it among the services that regularly assess site security--including Google.

So I think you can rest easy going to my website. But if you ever do see something on the site that raises your concern about security, please do immediately email me to let me know about it!

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you soon!

Kateri (