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Inconstant Gardener bursts upon the world…

You might ask: How can you start a gardening blog in October, for heaven’s sake?

To which I say: Why do you think I call myself Inconstant Gardener? I was gonna do it sooner, but I was too busy in August and September scrambling to finish the stuff I hadn’t gotten to in July. Or June. Or May. Or. . . but you get the idea.

At some point this past summer, must have been early July, I got the monthly e-newsletter from one of my local garden centers, all about the fun things you can do in July now that the big garden work is done. Kick back and relax. Fire up the grill. Have some margaritas on your deck and wave at the flowers as they nod their smiling heads back atcha.

To which I said (mentally): Ha. Ha. Ha. Continue reading

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